Stained Glass

Stained Glass

During the period 1977 through 1979 all eight stained glass windows were installed in the nave of the church. The windows featured modem stylized art designed by Dr. Richard Caemmerer. The symbols tell the Bible story from creation through the resurrection of Christ.


Creation Window


The window at the rear of the naive is “Creation,” featuring the descending hand of God, and objects of creation — the sun, moon, stars, water, earth, and growing things.

Old Testament Revelation of God

The middle window on the south wall pictures the “Old Testament Revelation of God.” It is the story of judgement and deliverance. The ark and rainbow tell the story of the flood. The abstract pillar of cloud and fire portrays the exodus from Egypt.

Old Testament Window


Psalm of Praise Window

Psalm of Praise

The front window on the south side is the “Psalm of Praise.” Praise of God is the dominant note m this window, depicted by a trumpet, lyre, and a powerful upward sweep of all the lines.


The front window on the north side of the naive is a representation of “Baptism.” It portrays the baptism of Christ and our own spirit filled baptism, the descending dove, the flame-like panels of red and yellow representing the Holy Spirit’s presence. The dark blue drop of water and cross in the center represent Christ’s identification with human guilt.

Baptism Window


Ministry of Jesus Window

The Ministry of Jesus

The second window from the front of the north side is “The Ministry of Jesus.” The yellow sun is the symbol for Jesus, the Light of the World. The window depicts Jesus’ teachings and speaks of God’s care and leads us to think of Jesus’ miracles. The water urn, water turned into wine. The discarded crutch speaks of the liberating power of Christ for all areas of life.

Last Supper

The central window on the north side depicts the “Last Supper.” The tilted crosses represent the 12 disciples, none of whom were perfect, but Judas’ cross tilts the most. Note the cup, bread, and wine. These bless us with Christ’ Body and Blood.

Last Supper Window


Crucifixion Window


The “Crucifixion” window, second from the rear, is the simplest and easiest to understand. The cross of Christ, four nails, a spear, and five drops of blood represent the deadly wounds He suffered to make sinful man free.


The “Resurrection” window at the rear of the naive shows the staff of the banner symbolizing Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil. The yellow sun symbolizes that a new day has dawned for man in Christ’s resurrection.

Resurrection Window

The stained glass windows were made possible by contributions of church members as memorials to deceased members and in other forms of voluntary gifts. Bernice Woll wrote the description of the windows for the 100th anniversary celebration of the church.