Our History

The beginning of St. Peter Lutheran Church…
In the fall of 1881, the first Lutheran worship service was held in Fennimore, Wisconsin. The arrival of German Lutheran families from Pommerania prompted in-home worship services initially conducted by Pastor F. Mutschmann. On January 8, 1882, a Constitution and By-Laws for Lutheran congregations was adopted by the unanimous vote of the assembled men (15 men at that time) and St. Peter Lutheran Church in Fennimore, WI was organized.

The family homes became inadequate as places of worship for the young congregation. Permission was secured to worship in the public school house located in the Village of Fennimore, but soon that was withdrawn. A cabinet maker’s shop was then rented for worship services on specified days, but its continued use was soon impossible for the congregation. Their appeal for the use of the Methodist church for afternoon services was successful, but finally interferred with, and then refused, the congregation resolutely voted on September 16, 1883 to erect its own house of worship-the first St. Peter Lutheran Church. Then on February 2, 1902, it was resolved to erect a larger edifice at a cost of about $4000.00 on a new site, the second St. Peter Lutheran Church. On June 12, 1955, the congregation authorized a Building & Finance Committee to engage an architect and gather funds for the third St. Peter Lutheran Church and dedication of the new church was held Feb 16, 1958. If you would like to read more about the history of the church, please read “Anniversary, St. Peter Lutheran Church,” – 70th year of Organization of the Congregation and 50th year of Dedication of Church Edifice, or read “Dedication of St. Peter Lutheran Church February 16, 1958.”